“10% Happier?”

I encourage everybody I’ve interested in the slightest, to look up the minimalist.com and listen to their podcasts. This has become a important part of my morning routine, and it happens to be where I heard something very interesting. Dan Harris is a correspondent for ABC news, and also an author of a book called “10% Happier, how I tamed the voice in my head”  which has a lot to do with meditation. And if you are like me, (or like how I’m trying not to be anymore) the idea of meditation casts an image in your head of bald people sitting in the woods with their legs crossed and humming while trying to reach some higher plane of thinking. Which isn’t at all what it has to be to achieve the actual goal of meditation. Ill try to explain it in the way I was taught. Your subconscious is like a refrigerator in some sense, (yeah I just made that comparison) constantly on, constantly running in the background, although it is not always making ice, it is very much there doing work silently. If your fridge turns off, what happens? The food inside spoils, in a way, your fridge has died. If you have no subconscious, you are dead, or a vegetable.

The thing that made me come to realize just how tuned in our minds are when we are not aware was when I was told of a situation, probably everybody can relate to, the moment you are in a crowded room, consumed in your own conversation, when suddenly you’re paying attention to another persons conversation, because you heard your name. There is no way you can focus on both conversations at once consciously, which means your subconscious was doing it for you. 

Anyway, the point im trying to get to, is there are things we cannot control going on in our heads 24/7, a constant conversation playing in our minds, one that can relate certain smells or feelings to memories in the past. There is no way of removing this from our heads. Not that I know of anyway, but there are things you can do to realize it and help yourself become more level-headed. A very good way of doing this is mediation the act of clearing your head, (as best you can) and focusing on your breathing and that alone. I like to lay on the floor with a pillow under my head while I do this. The only thing you should be doing is breathing in, and out. Not thinking about dinner, or your kids, or what your loved one is doing. 

As I have said before, the act of minimalism is to de-stress and simplify your life, creating a healthier morning routine can be a very important part of this lifestyle. My morning routine is changing and probably will continue to until I find the perfect one but here is it as of right now.

  1. Listen to podcast or music and stretch
  2. Meditate
  3. Try to research some information(usually if I heard anything interesting on a podcast)
  4. Go on a walk
  5. Clean 

If you enjoy exercising I fully encourage you to do it. I very much enjoy the idea of bike riding every morning, and maybe that will be something I do soon, but don’t expect to tidy up your house and have a new routine and be a new redefined person. The reason Dan Harris named his book what he did is because meditation can make you 10% Happier, if you let it, that alone cannot give you a complete 180 on your life. But its the little things adding up making you a more content person with less.



The act of de-stressing and simplifying your life. Most people believe the act of minimalism in some way is a barbaric form of ditching deodorant, burning all your legal information and hoofing it into the wild. Which to some people sounds amazing, and if that’s you, power to you. To each their own right?

What inspired me to start this journey was my environment, the clutter and the stress it was causing in my life. My mother passed away a month ago, the depressing state of mind I have been in and how my environment has changed and become a product of my mental instability has not helped me come up from the low place I’ve been in. I stumbled across videos and blogs of people who have changed their lives and become happier living in a more simplistic environment and routine. Simplicity and happiness obviously being something I lacked. The idea really intrigued me.

My first step forward in this lifestyle was to rid myself of (almost) all of my makeup. I understand this is a gradual process and there is no need to rush into throwing away all of my possessions, I did find some satisfaction in the small items being tossed. The next thing to cross into my head was my closet, I have more clothes than necessary definitely. But I did not rush into my room and start throwing things out the window, I sat down and wrote out a plan. A list, because I do not live by myself and I do need to take their feelings into consideration before I start clearing out the house.

But I also do understand the main focus is me, my area of control and my stress that I’m trying to get rid of. So the main things that went through my head were obviously makeup, clothes, shoes. Although I am still working on my list I will post an updated version of it, my game plan and pictures of the items we are letting go of.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my decision to do this.